Double Impatiens, Party Hardy

double impatiensIf your garden decided to throw a party, Double Impatiens would be the first guest invited, one of the first to arrive, and one of the last to leave. They light up the shady corners of your yard with their vibrancy, are low maintenance, and clean up after themselves. What more could you ask?

Double Impatiens will bloom their little hearts out from mid-spring to mid-fall. They need light but not direct sunlight, so plant them in partial to full shade about 15 inches apart and they will virtually glow with radiance. Other than a once-a-month sprinkling of flower food such as Espoma Flower Tone, Double Impatiens are perfectly happy to receive just plain old water. Do keep them evenly moist for the best blooms. No need for back-breaking dead-heading as these beauties naturally drop their spent blossoms on their own.

With their double petals, they resemble miniature roses but without the hassle of those higher maintenance divas of the garden. They average about 10 inches in height and colors include such beauties as pure white (Musica “Pearl,”) peachy-pink (Silhouette “Appleblossom,”) light pink (Summer Ice “Pink Ice,”) dark and light pink variegated (Musica “Bicolor Pink,”) salmon (Musica “Pastel Salmon,”) red and white variegated (Musica “Spicy Red,”) and purple (Rosebud “Purple Magic,”) just to name a few. For dramatic impact, plant several of the same color together forming a drift of vivid color. For a fiesta of a garden, plant colors together such as pink, purple, and orange. For a refreshing, cooling affect, plant whites and light pinks. Whites are also beautiful for a “night garden,” in which they will glow beneath the moonlight or your soft garden lights.

Double Impatiens are versatile garden guests, happy in many different settings. They may be planted in the ground as clouds of color or lovely borders, grown in deck boxes, window boxes, or planters, and are perfect in hanging baskets.

So give your garden a party and invite the lovely Double Impatiens for lasting, carefree beauty.

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