Can Herbs Be Grown In Pots?

potted herbI want to order herbs that will be grown in pots on the patio.  I have a lighting system.  What do you recommend?  I live in Zone 10, S. Florida.  I like herbs because they are edible and I love the aromas.  I need to know what size pots, too. Ellen L.

Answer: The really great thing about herbs is that they do wonderfully in pots, almost anywhere in the country. Many northerners bring their potted herbs indoors to grow all winter long. They will thrive without an artificial light source, and since you are in South Florida they should be fine in a sunny location in the winter and probably welcome a little shade in the hot summer months. Any of our herb plants will grow in pots.  Herbs that are robust spreaders, like mints, are ideal for pots, to keep their spreading habit contained. Rosemary does very well in the South where it is used as a landscaping shrub and it has a most wonderful fragrance. Don’t be afraid to mix and match them since there is a variety of leaf textures and colors that will make for not only an aromatic wonderland but a visually appealing arrangement, as well. However, herbs planted in the same pot can start to take on the flavors of their neighbors, with strong flavors such as cilantro seeping into milder herbs like parsley. You could even tuck a few different varieties of leaf lettuce or spinach plants in among the herbs. If you wish to grow herbs singularly in containers, I suggest nothing smaller than an 8-inch pot, as most like to get large and spread out.

Here is a breakdown of the 10 best herbs for container gardening: Favorite Herbs for Container Gardens.

Happy growing, Karen

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