Plant Starts in a Jiffy

Jiffy seed starterGrowing your own produce, whether it's a small home garden or a large spread of acreage generating crops, now makes more sense than ever.  Besides the cost savings over buying expensive produce in the supermarket, you can control the quality of your food.  You know exactly what products have or have not been used to control insects and diseases.  And, you know your food has been picked at the peak of ripeness, rather than being harvested green and shipped halfway around the globe.

It's immensely satisfying to start your plants from seeds and watch them sprout through the surface of the soil and become a future food source.  It's also the most economical way to garden.

Jiffy has long been the trusted name in starting seeds indoors.  Jiffy offers a huge range of seed starter supplies, from simple to sophisticated, and no one has come up with a better way to get your garden going.  The Jiffy system has been trusted by knowledgeable growers for years.  Their mini-greenhouses are lightweight, durable, and well designed for annual reuse.

Jiffy's peat pellets are the ideal starter medium.  They will maintain the best moisture-to-air ratio and pest-free contents, but more important, they transplant easily into the soil without damaging delicate new roots.

Peat pellets are available in economical lots of 25 for use in your own pots or trays.  They can also be purchased with seed starter kits as basic as windowsill greenhouses that hold 6 or 12 pellets and can be placed in a sunny window to allow the light to nurture the new plants.   The reusable black trays and clear tops are sized just right for Jiffy pelletsand for your windowsills.

Jiffy also has a greenhouse system with growing tray, clear domed top, and 72 cells for Jiffy peat pellets.  Other tray sizes hold 25 or 50 pellets, and heating pads are available.  The heat gently coaxes seeds to sprout and it also helps control the moisture level.

Jiffy pellets are so simple to use that even young children can begin developing their gardening skills with great success every time.  You just drop your seeds onto the pellet and add water, and when they're at the right height to take outdoors, you plant the entire ball into the soil and let nature do the rest.

These pellets contain sphagnum peat, mineral lime, and a special fertilizer to stimulate growth.  With a pH level of around 5.3, the medium is designed to ensure that your seeds will produce healthy, happy plants that will be ready to transplant to the garden after the last frost.  A thin biodegradable netting around the root ball keeps the entire mass intact for removal from growing trays and transfer into the ground.  Nothing could be cleaner or easier!

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