The Cling-a-Wing Bird Feeder really works!

bird feederAs an amateur bird watcher that can spend hours just watching the birds that flock to my feeders, I've spent many frustrated hours wondering how I could feed both the smaller songbirds, as well as the larger birds in need of winter sustenance. It seemed like every single time one of those pretty little guys would arrive, one of the larger gluttons, like a house sparrow, blue jay, cardinal or red-winged blackbird would arrive and chase the orioles, titmouses, nuthatches, or gold finches away. I love all the birds, even the raucous blue jay, but enough is enough! Those little guys need to eat too!

I found the answer in the Duncraft® Cling-A-Wing Songbird Feeder. I found that only certain birds have the ability to cling and that there is a bird feeder that the larger, more aggressive birds cannot adapt to. This spherical bird feeder is designed JUST for the small clinging songbirds. The larger songbirds are not able to cling; therefore, they cannot partake of the goodies inside. It holds that yummy Black Oil Sunflower Seed that is the favorite of so many birds and critical for their winter good health.  The globe design also keeps the sunflower seed dry, so I don't worry about snowy, sleety or rainy weather.

With four feeding ports, there is plenty of space, so I've added to my backyard feeding stations by including one of these for each of the regular feeders that the larger birds use. I've actually separated the large bird feeding stations from the smaller ones, with plenty of space in between so that the little ones aren't intimidated by the flight of the large ones through their feeding area. Even though fall is just beginning its fade and winter is a month away, at least, the colder temperatures in the north seem to have hurried the migration, so I am already seeing many of my favorite visitors back at their feeders in my central Oklahoma home.

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