Red colored plant for Florida

coleus_red_planetI am interested in perennials that are red in color and are able to live in direct sunlight in South Florida.  I am looking for a flowering plant that I will not lose as soon as the fall is gone. Any suggestions? Sherry

Answer: Well, Sherry, most perennials have a “bloom period” so ideally you would want to include a variety of plants that would give you the sort of continuous blooms you are looking for. In your climate you also have the luxury of a number of tropicals! Many of those will offer you long blooms and many are red in color, like the shrimp plant, hibiscus, anthurium, phygelius, and lantanas. But you can also consider daylilies, pentas, cannas, celosias, dianthus, gaillardia, red salvia, kniphofia, and even snapdragons. Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ is a particularly vibrant red bloomer that puts on a show mid- to late- summer. Maybe consider a vine like bougainvillea or mandevilla, which both are available in shades of red.

Another consideration is red-leafed plants.  There are more and more varieties to choose from in the cordylines, alternantheras, aclyphas, and phormiums. The common coleus (Solenostemon) is no longer very common looking and is available in lots of red hues.

Don’t be afraid to experiment!  There are so many great options, so little space…

Happy searching for the right red.

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