The Wonder of Goldfinches

goldfinchAttention: avid birdwatchers and novices, alike.  This is the time to stock up on thistle seed, to attract goldfinches to your backyard feeders.  The lovely songbird couples, mated in monogamous pairs, will adorn your outdoors spaces, adding color and interest to your fall backyard nature preserve.

There are three species of goldfinches in the U.S. and all are equally lovely.  They tend to flock together in large groups.  Goldfinches are known to mate later in the season than many other birds. The male's plumage during mating season is bright yellow with black markings on his head, wingtips and tail.  One white wingbar marks his wings and tail. When not in mating season, he's a grayish brown with hints of yellow and white on his underside.

The female's plumage during mating season is a less vivid yellow on top with a contrasting shade of yellow on her underside.  Her black and white tail is in sharp contrast to her yellow body.  Her bill is light colored, and her wings have two light wingbars. Her tail is black with white tips.  When not in breeding season, her coloring is mostly grey.

The nesting habits of these songbirds are determined by the females, who build nests in tree branches and at the tops of bushes to attract colonies.  The well-constructed nests are crafted from plant parts and then lined with thistle down, the remains of their favorite food source, to provide a comfortable incubation space for their eggs.

Goldfinches feed on weed seeds, like thistle, and insects. When the summer's production of seeds begins to disappear with the fall, it's time to provide goldfinches with a feeder full of thistle to keep them flocking to your yard instead of migrating south toward more available food.  There are many types of feeders that attract goldfinches and are specifically designed to hold thistle.  Garden Harvest Supply has feeders offering up to eighteen feeding stations, and with every manner of optionsaesthetic and practicalto choose from.  There are even finch feeders with perches designed so the birds eat upside-down!  There are squirrel-proof feeders and feeders with eighteen colorful perches to attract goldfinches in mass numbers.

Goldfinch feeders can be hung from feeder hangers or tree branches.  Modern feeders have components specifically integrated to keep moisture out, and to prevent spilling of seed.  Some are designed for the easiest filling, since the goal is to keep attracting wildlife for your viewing pleasure.

It's imperative that you keep bird feeders clean on the outside but more importantly on the inside, so the seed you serve your grateful guests stays fresh and dry.  Cleaning accessories are available for all types of feeders sold by Garden Harvest Supply.  Check the website to make sure you have all the seed, cleaning supplies, and accessories you need to make bird feeder maintenance a joy instead of a chore.  Don't forget to provide a constant source of clean water for your birds' bathing and drinking needs in either a fountain or birdbath.  They'll thank you by providing a water show and a song to entertain you all day long.

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