Fall Vegetable Plant Question

tomato_creoleHi! I have gotten plants from you before and I love them.  Also I love how you stand behind your products. Thank you. I am in Florida and I want to do more planting of veggies – mostly tomatoes and spinach. Which of your tomatoes are good for Florida at this time of the year, and do you currently have spinach? I got my spinach from you last year and it was great. I grow all my veggies in pots on my patio.  Can you suggest any other ones suitable for Florida?  Thank you, Sue M

Answer: Thank you for all the compliments on the plants.  Always good to get such great feedback on how well they do. 

On our vegetable plant page you will find a number of options that should work just fine for your temperate Florida climate. We have several varieties of peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, lettuce and cabbages that will do well in containers on your patio. We also have spinach plants and spinach seeds available.

Since your spring comes earlier than many areas of the U.S., make sure you check back with us right after the first of the year when we start getting some of our early spring plants just in time for the early growing season in Florida.  Remember, your spring cool season can start as early as January in some area of Florida for crops like cauliflower and turnips, and February for leaf vegetables, tomatoes and peppers. Be sure to check your zone guide to be certain of exact planting dates.

Happy Growing!


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