Vacation All-Natural Anti-drought Treatment

vacationImagine leaving for your long-awaited vacation with no worries.  Your work is caught up, your home is secured, your plants are cared for without a plant-sitter.  Yes, it's possible.

Houseplants and landscape plants that are accustomed to TLC when you're home can now be left unattended in your absence.  There is a product called Vacation All-Natural Anti-drought Treatment that takes all the worry out of watering while you're awaywhether it's a once-a-year vacation or regular business trips. Vacation gives plant lovers peace of mind.

Vacation All-Natural Anti-drought Treatment works this way:  it sends your plants into a state of temporary hibernation.  Your plants will be able to go up to two weeks without watering, because they're dormant until they receive water again.  Once you water them or they receive rain or irrigation, the effects of Vacation wear off and your plants return to their normal behavior.

You simply mix Vacation with water and apply the solution to the soil of your indoor and outdoor plants.  Then, they can go up to two weeks without another drop of water.   For all your plants, once you return home and give them a good drink, they wake up and slowly return to their normal moisture requirements.

Vacation is all-natural, biodegradable, and safe for use around children and pets.  The dormancy effects gradually wear off as plants once again receive watering.  Nothing could be easier to use, and it's way more cost-effective than hiring someone to water your plants as you travel.  If you're like many people, it's a comfort to know no one is in your home while you're away.   And it most certainly beats having to move your plants to someone else's home to be cared for.

Indoor plants have varying water needs, depending on the season, the amount of sunlight, and the moisture level in the air.  With Vacation Anti-drought Treatment, those fluctuations don't matter.  You'll find your plants exactly the same way you left them when you return.  If plants are in bloom, the flowers should be intact for that two-week period, as well.

Vacation is available in 8-ounce bottles and a little goes a long way, since it's mixed with water before application.  It's safe to use outdoors around wildlife.  Vacation Anti-drought Treatment can even be used on lawns.  Basically any plant that requires regular watering can benefit from this amazing and practical product.  Should it rain while you're gone, the effects of Vacation wear off and your lawn returns to normal moisture needs.  Consider Vacation for your cut Christmas trees, too.  It eliminates the need for adding water to the reservoir daily for up to three weeks!  Vacation Anti-Drought Treatment is one product that no plant lover should be without.

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