Seed starting problem

spinach_samishI have planted carrots, radishes and spinach all from organic seeds from Lowe’s. They don’t seem to be growing after planting indoors or out. I purchased organic dirt with food already in the soil. What am I doing wrong or what do I need in my soil to help them grow? Rebecca

Answer: I am sorry your seeds didn’t take off but unfortunately you’ve provided way too little information to determine why they did not perform. Every seed has its own particular needs to establish germination. Just using a product labeled “organic” is not a guarantee of a healthy plant if the correct growing conditions are not met. I would suggest you research the needs for each item. 

For instance, spinach is a cool season crop that likes nice cool nights and warmish days with good even moisture, making it perfect to plant in most areas of the country right now. Why don’t you try some of our Bloomsdale or Samish Organic Spinach Seed. Follow the directions listed on the seed packet and you will have a nice crop of spinach in approximately 45 days.

Keep trying and best of luck!


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