What can be planted in 4-6 hours of sun?

tomato_sunI live in Zone 8/9 and want garden vegetables that will tolerate 4 to 6 hours of direct sun. The garden is in between two houses facing north. Any ideas? Sam

Answer: Zone 8 and 9 can vary since you could be in Florida, Georgia or Texas; therefore you will need to include soil make-up as well, when considering what vegetables to plant. With your longer growing season you can grow most any vegetable plant but you may need to investigate soil additives after you determine the pH of your site with a soil test kit. Four to six hours of sun would be considered full sun, so any pepper, cauliflower, bean, tomato or melon will be perfectly happy and will produce an abundance of blooms. Cool season plants like lettuce, radish and spinach would be fine in the early season, Jan. – March or late season, Sept. – Oct. but will wilt away during the heat of the summer. Squash can also be planted as early as April. There are several online guides to the exact timing. 

Hope that helps. Karen

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