Guarding Against Deer, The Easy Way

XtremDeerInUseEveryone is captivated by the beauty of deer, with their lean and elegant physiques and peaceful demeanors.  However, when they forage in your yard, garden, landscape beds, or crops, their loveliness is no longer so admired.

Deer Barrier by Easy Gardener offers the most efficient, economical, and effective means of protecting your garden produce, shrubbery and treasured landscape plants from being dinner for four-legged wildlife.  This black mesh barrier is quick and easy to install, and it gets the job done without obscuring the beauty of your natural environment.

Made of UV-protected poly mesh material, Deer Barrier is designed to last.  It won't rust, rot or corrode, and it doesn't conduct electricity.  It also withstands climate changes and won't fade due to sun exposure. It also has openings too small for feet to get caught in, so no humans or invading wildlife can be trapped by it.

Deer Barrier is lightweight and has no rough edges, making it a cinch to install.  It attaches easily to fences, posts and trees to provide a physical barrier that is sheer enough to barely be visible.  It is available in three package sizes:  7' x 100', 7' x 350'.

By securing Deer Barrier to the ground, and around the perimeter of your garden, you can also keep vermin, dogs, rabbits and raccoons away from your maturing produce.  This mesh is strong and resilient and animals steer clear of areas protected by its physical limiting abilities.

If you're looking for a one-man, fast and low-tech installation, this mesh fence is your answer.  Deer Barrier is the most transportable and maneuverable material available.  Depending on the durability you seek, you can even use a basic wood stapler and have a complete barrier constructed in minutes.  For a more stable, permanent fence, consider strapping cords to secure each few yards to upright posts.

A great way to contain pets, Deer Barrier can also be used for temporary housing to keep animals in.  It sets up quickly when a pen is needed.  Since it is easy to roll and unroll, it can be used over and over.  And because it contains no metal or sharp edges, it's safe to use around the animals you want to protect, as well as the ones you wish to repel.  You can feel like a good environmental steward by using poly mesh instead of metal or treated wood materials that break down and harm the soil.

One of the biggest benefits of Deer Barrier is its low cost.  It can be attached to existing upright posts or trees, or a few inserted new posts, in minutes.  Very little investment is required for the average property owner, and certainly the cost of your plants and yard are well worth the protection!

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