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Snap & Grow Greenhouse Manuals

The snap-n-go system is designed to make assembly of the heavy-duty aluminum frame easy and error-free.  The crystal-clear SnapGlasâ„¢ panels simply slide into place and are virtually unbreakable.

Here is a link for the 6’x8′ manual.

Here is a link for the 8’x8′ manual.

6 Responses to “Snap & Grow Greenhouse Manuals”

  1. c. d.anderson says:

    We get 10-12’of snow on a typical winter here at 4500′ in
    No.California.What kind of winter conditions can this greenhouse take?

  2. jstutzman says:

    They can handle the conditions, as long as you do not allow that amount to pile up on top of the greenhouse.

  3. Kathy Sallee says:

    When will you have more of the 6X8 greenhouses in? I want to get one but see that you are sold out.
    Kathy Sallee

  4. jstutzman says:

    Kathy, our 6×8 greenhouse kits will be back in stock around the last week of June.

  5. Rede says:

    Hi! What do you recommend to hold winter temperatures in the low-tropical (say, above 50 degrees F) range during the coldest part of the winter — which here (zone 6b/7a) can hit zero on occasion, and can include consecutive days of below freezing temps — ?. I have neighbors with an old-fashioned tempered glass greenhouse next to their house and they keep two heating units on during the winter (the second is the backup for the first) . . . . where I would put my greenhouse is away from the house and I don’t feature running an extension cord out there, nor paying to have a below-ground line put in to get power that 60 feet away . . .

  6. jstutzman says:

    Rede, small electric heaters really are the best option. Other heating sources are either not reliable or would cost too much money to get setup. Good luck! GHS

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