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Popcorn Lovers' Paradise

gourmet_popcornFor anyone who loves popcorn, there are now more reasons than ever to make it your favorite snack food.

Popcorn is a whole grain, meaning the bran and germ are intact, so you get the benefit of natural fiber.  Those who are conscious of their calorie and carb intakes will appreciate that popcorn is a healthy, filling, satisfying and high fiber snack. And instead of tasting like a cardboard health food, it tastes like a fantastic treat.  Served plain, drizzled with butter and salt, or lightly coated with any combination of healthier seasonings like black pepper and cheddar powder or dried dill and lime juice, you just can't beat the satisfaction of biting into a handful of fresh-popped kernels.

If you're already convinced that popcorn is the best nutritional and economical snack food around, you're really in for a treat if you're not yet familiar with Amish Country Popcorn.  It is the gourmet popcorn for those with a discerning palate, yet it isn't priced like a gourmet food.  For the same cost as a bag of kettle-cooked potato chips, you can have a 2-pound bag of Amish Gourmet Popcorn on your shelf, awaiting your hunger pangs.  The difference is, this snack is guilt-free!

Amish Gourmet Popcorn is special because the tender hulls won't get caught in your teeth.  They're full, fluffy, light and delicate and allow all the flavor of the puffy white corn to come through.  Most people refer to this popcorn as hulless, but there really is no such thing.  It's just that this popcorn's hull is thinner, and the crop is bred and harvested to be light and tendervery different from store-bought brands.

Amish Gourmet Popcorn is all natural, and truly is grown by Amish old-world standards.  It comes in a range of popcorn sizes, including baby, medium and large kernels in colors white, yellow, blue, red, purple, black and rainbow.  There is a type to please every popcorn lover.  And, to keep it interesting, it's nice to have a few varieties ready to choose from on your shelves. Like fine wines, there are subtle flavor and texture differences among the colors and types of popcorn.

Once you've experienced the difference in the fluffy and tender hulls of Amish Gourmet Popcorn, you'll be addicted.  You'll never want to be caught without a few bags on your pantry shelves.  It also makes a great gift.  Just be warned:  after you've tasted this gourmet popcorn, you'll never want to buy any other.  It just is that unique!  The best part is that it's priced like most other high-quality popcorn on the supermarket shelves.

Amish Gourmet Popcorn can be prepared by the same methods as all other popcorn, but if you want the most health benefits, the hot-air popper is your best bet.  It's the lowest fat, highest yield method.  And, the kernels will retain the maximum amount of puffiness and flavor.

Ahhhcan't you just smell that fresh-popped aroma?  If you're hungry for popcorn, nothing else will satisfy like Amish Gourmet.  Try some today, or if you're already a fan and believe that this is the best popcorn on the planet, try some of the varieties you've never tasted beforethere are more than a dozen.  They're all equally delicious!

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