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E-Z Connect® Landscape Edging

landscape_edgingThe thing that distinguishes a gorgeous home from an average one isn’t necessarily the home. Beautiful landscaping can turn any house into an extraordinary showplace. 

Landscaping creates curb appeal—and a welcoming environment. It all starts with some basic design and planning. For a look that’s in harmony with the larger environment, remember that there are rarely straight lines or symmetry in nature.  Whether you’re in a brand new home or are updating an older landscape layout, consider the entire property, like how much area you wish to commit to grass, how much of the ground is flat or sloped, and which landscape components (tall trees, dwarf shrubs, flowers, ornamental grasses, water features) will fit the spaces well.

Once you’ve established where you’ll create beds, gardens and walkway edging, you’ll want to choose plants that will thrive in those locations and be compatible with each other, both in growth habit and overall appearance. 

After selecting the plants, you’ll need to establish your landscape beds with the proper soil, and then top it off with mulch that will add eye appeal, maintain soil moisture and control weeds.

E-Z Connect® Professional Landscape Edging adds the perfect finishing touch to landscape areas. It keeps the mulch in place, it provides a physical divider to mow against, and it adds clean, neat visual appeal to offset the garden, bed or walkway.

Where E-Z Connect shines is its easy installation.  It’s made of recycled PVC plastic, so it is a good option for the environmentally conscious. It has the look of sleek professional metal edging but is infinitely easier to use.  It can be installed in areas with straight or curved lines. And, it’s weather resistant.

Strips are four inches in height, and E-Z Connect is available in black, brown or green. Packages contain four 4-foot strips, or a total of 16-feet in a kit containing everything you need for quick installation.  You dig a 3- to 4-inch trench, slide the anchoring adaptor into the strips, connect the strips together and then lay them into the trenches. The enclosed spiral spikes are hammered into the ground to hold the strips in place.

In addition to being attractive and quick-installing, E-Z Connect Professional Landscape Edging is lightweight, so it’s easy to handle and move around as you work. It is suitable for nearly all landscape environments, and can even be used to separate designs within beds, such as decorative areas of colored rock within larger spaces of wood mulch.

Professional landscapers and do-it-yourself homeowners alike will find E-Z Connect Professional Landscape Edging to be the easiest way to achieve a pristine result with the most efficient and affordable product available.

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