Garden Memorial Plaques

garden_plaqueNature has a unique way of calming and centering us.  Outdoor spaces are ideal for contemplation, relaxation, and meditation.  They can also serve as living memorials, places to be mindful of life cycles and to remember those we've loved and lost.

Placing an inspirational garden plaque among your living plants adds beauty to your garden and anchors your landscape design with a focal point that's warm and inviting.  It is a lasting memorial to cherished relationships, honoring those living or deceased, each time you enter that quiet space. 

Garden Harvest Supply has a wide variety of plaques that relate spiritual, inspirational, or motivational sentiments.  Whether you are recognizing the bravery of a public servant, seeking solace, grieving a recent loss, or giving a gift that says you share in someone else's joy or sorrow, a garden plaque is a gentle reminder of all the richness in life.

All of the garden plaques carried by Garden Harvest Supply are made of durable and weatherproof cast concrete materials, and most come with stands.  They are designed to look rough hewn and to blend into any natural space such as landscape borders, at the base of an ornamental tree, or along walkways, flower beds and vegetable gardens.  They are a great way to express yourself and they make an excellent lasting gift that says you care.

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