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Easy Wave Petunias, Dramatic Effects Without the Drama

easy_wave_petuniaGardeners have been riding the wave of Wave Petunias for years, now. These petunias provide a wide spectrum of vibrant color to any sunny location. Easy Wave Petunias are a welcome addition to the Wave family, providing all the beauty we’ve come to expect from the Wave with even more ease of care. No need to cut them back to have full bountiful bouquets of color. These beauties have a more controlled mounding growth habit than do other petunias. They grow 6-12 inches in height and 30 to 39 inches in width. No need to deadhead either. Easy Wave Petunias will take care of their own spent blooms by drying up the old blossoms and dropping them off to make room for the fresh new blossoms. Easy Wave Petunias have a greater tolerance for hot weather as well as cooler temperatures. They bloom from early spring to fall and can withstand temperatures down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Easy Waves prefer a sunny location and benefit from weekly feedings. To help your plants deal with the heat of high summer, water them in the morning before the sun hits them directly. If you wait until the afternoon, watering can cause their leaves to burn from the sun's hot rays. It’s said that Easy Wave Petunias do not like to go to bed with wet feet. That’s because watering near nightfall can allow mold and fungus to develop on wet leaves.

I mentioned drama– well that’s because these carefree beauties can have dramatic impact in your garden in many ways. Of course, you can plant them in wide swaths of a single color for intensity, or you can paint your garden with a subtle gradation of hues from the palest pink to the deepest purple. You can create a flowering “chandelier” by filling a hanging basket with a single color of Easy Wave Petunias. Their blossoms will hang down like crystals dangling from a chandelier. Hang your floral chandelier from a freestanding shepherd’s hook situated in your garden or perhaps flank them on either side of a garden bench. Remember disco balls? Create your own botanical disco ball by poking holes in the top and sides of a cocoa fiber hanging basket and inserting multi- colored petunia plants in each hole. Soon, your disco ball will be aglow with vibrant beauty wherever it hangs. You can even make a “petunia tree” by building a frame work of a center pole surrounded by arcs of planters, wider at the bottom “branches” of the tree and gradually becoming closer to the center as you approach the top. Plant one shade of petunias in the planters encircling the pole and you have a “petunia tree!”

4 Responses to “Easy Wave Petunias, Dramatic Effects Without the Drama”

  1. terry petroske says:

    hello, i plant a lot of wave petunias in my gardens. last yr we had a big problem with catepillars in our waves to the point that they stopped blooming cause they ate all the blooms. can you tell me what i can use in the soil when i plant my plugs in the pots to eliminate this problem next yr.

  2. jstutzman says:

    Caterpillars in your petunia plants can be stopped by simply spraying Bt. Bt is a natural product that only affects caterpillars and does not harm beneficial insects. Spray it when you see the first sign of the caterpillar. It takes a couple of days to work, once it kicks in, they stop eating and die. Here is more info on Bt, http://www.gardenharvestsupply.com/ProductCart/pc/Bacillus-BT-c449.htm

  3. terry petroske says:

    thank you so much for your quick response about the caterpillars. i have used the thuricide this summer but what i was looking for is something i can put in the soil when i first plant to eliminate the caterpillar problem. is there such a product??

  4. jstutzman says:

    Unfortunately there is no such product as you are requesting.

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