The Suncalc Sunlight Calculator Alleviates Guesswork

Suncalc CalculatorThere are gardeners and landscapers who have the time and patience to memorize every condition of every space in their yards.  There are others who just have an innate sense about what plants will thrive in what locations. The Suncalc is for the rest of us.  It's a very easy-to-use device that takes all the guesswork out of choosing ideal plant locations.

The problem is, seasons change: the foliage on trees comes and goes, the sun's path shifts, and when planting time comes around in the spring, you might not recall where summer's sunlight will fall.  When you are determining what garden and landscape plants to choose for aesthetics or for produce, you need to consider that the light conditions will change as the growing season approaches.

There is now an easy and inexpensive way to measure the sunlight, so you can purchase the perfect plants for each location around your home, as determined by the light requirements of the plants.  The Suncalc takes all the effort out of watching the full day's light as it hits the ground.  You simply place the Suncalc where you plan to plant, and turn it on.  Leave it on for a minimum of 12 hours, and voila!  You have an accurate gauge of sunlight in that spot.

Most yard and garden plants come labeled with light requirements for optimum growth and beauty.  The Suncalc will give you an exact measurement of light:  Full Sun, Partial Sun, Partial Shade, or Full Shade.  It's not as easy as you might think, to determine that just by looking at the area on the ground.  Sunlight is determined by a full 12-hour day.  So, unless you intend to watch each spot for that length of time, you might want to consider setting this technologically brilliant tool to give you an accurate measurement.

The Suncalc needs a day with full sunlight to do its work.  You place it in a pot filled with soil, or directly into the ground, wherever you want a sunlight level.  Flashing LED lights will signal when the precision device is doing its work, and then signal when it's finished.  Turn it off and place it in another spot each day to make sure all your plants are targeted for the areas of your yard and landscape beds that are prime for those species.

Running on a battery, the only requirement for this reusable instrument is that you prevent it from being exposed to freezing temperatures.  But as your trees and bushes grow and mature, your sunlight levels on the ground will change each year.  The Suncalc can improve each season's landscapes, helping you know exactly where to get the best results from your plants.

This well-designed instrument is especially useful for those who are away from their homes during the day, and can't accurately determine the full day's sunlight exposure in all their planting areas.  It's also a great aid for those whose vision is impaired, if they have difficulty measuring light with the eye.  Best of all, it's small and compact, so it's easy to store at the end of the season, to reuse each spring.

A little planning and consideration for your plants' needs will ensure a successful and beautiful yard and landscape every year.

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