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Heirloom Tomato Plants for Sale

heirloom tomatoesHeirloom Tomatoes must meet the test of time to be included in this special collection.  First, let's define ‘heirloom'.  According to Webster Dictionary Online, heirloom, in terms of horticulture, means that a particular horticultural variety has survived for several generations, usually due to the efforts of private individuals.  Now, think on this for a minute.  You can watch a tomato plant grow and harvest its bountya plant whose ancestors may have grown and fed people from around the world, and which has possibly existed for well more than 100 yearsand you can slice and enjoy that same tomato today in any number of delectable salads, mouth-watering recipes or still warm, right off the vine!

Heirloom tomato plant varieties are the survivors of drought, flood, disease, pests and wars.  They are hardy growers and adaptable.  Some gardeners give up after not obtaining what they believe to be ‘optimal' results the first year of a planting, when the second and subsequent plantings of this same variety may yield a more prolific and even a more flavorful harvest. Heirloom tomato plants require a little patience to grow.  They do not just sprout up, flower and produce fruit in record numbers.  You will find, as we have, that the hybrid varieties that produce tomatoes quickly and almost without your personal involvement, have sacrificed one of the most important reasons for growing your own garden to begin withflavor!

Garden Harvest Supply has discovered some of the most popular and hardy heirloom tomato plants for sale today.  Rather than ship you the seeds and hope that you will be successful in germinating and growing them to thriving, healthy tomato plants, we have made it much easier for you.  We ship all of our heirloom tomato plants in 3-inch pots, already germinated and flourishing, with exceptionally healthy root systems, and with complete instructions on how to transplant these particularly special tomato plants into your own garden, nurture them and then enjoy their one-of-a-kind flavors and individual ‘signature' appearances.

Heirloom tomato plants add their own special beauty to your garden plot.  You will not find tomatoes from heirloom plants among the commercially grown tomatoes in your local supermarket.  Firstly, heirloom varieties tend to be the ‘wrong shape' for commercial growers, which means that they may not be perfectly round nor do the heirloom plants consistently produce a crop of tomatoes that are exactly the ‘right size' for fitting in those little cubby holes existing in tomato packaging.  Secondly, heirloom tomato plants take a little bit of TLC, which most gardeners are willing to give, but most commercial producers avoid, since it detracts from their bottom line.  Thirdly, these amazing tomato plants produce a remarkable number of unique colors that add distinction and personality to your fresh dishes, something that you will definitely not find in commercially produced tomatoes.  Finally, heirloom tomato plants produce fruit with exceptional flavor and character.  Many of you that taste your first tomatoes from your home-grown tomato plants will find that you have been missing a whole range of wonderful, more interesting flavors, from the sweet to the sublime.  You may never wish to purchase a ‘store' or ‘hothouse' tomato again!

So, maybe during this time when we are all looking for the ‘simpler' and yet ‘better' things in life, you might consider planting a few heirloom tomato plants.  Whether this is your very first gardening adventure, or you are a seasoned gardener, Garden Harvest Supply guarantees that our tomato plants will arrive ready to plant, with a healthy and robust root system and the education that you may need to successfully grow one or more of these amazing Heirloom Tomato Plants.

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