Are You a Basket Case?

hanging basketHave you viewed your neighbors' flower baskets with envy, wondering how they get those windowsill and potted arrangements to look like they're straight off of glossy magazine covers?  Well, keep reading to find out how easily you can have the same beauty in bloom around your home's exterior.

AquaSav basket liners are made in sizes to fit most wire flower baskets, whether for windowsills, deck-rail planters, patio pots, hanging planters or wall hangers.  These organic coco fiber liners are not only economical and ecological, they're beautiful.  They come in natural tan or dark green, so you can choose to make them blend in or contrast with your foliage and wire enclosures.

What makes Aquasav flower basket liners so practical is the built-in reservoir that maintains the perfect amount of moisture for your plantings.  It takes all the effort and guesswork out of watering by preventing water from pooling at the root bottoms. This not only keeps the roots from being oversaturated and dying of root rot, but it also locks in the moisture they DO need.  AquaSav's reservoir system also prevents moisture and nutrient run-off, which happens with plain, generic coco liners.  That prevents wasted water and saves on your H2O bills! These AquaSav liners are formed to fit perfectly into your wire-mesh enclosures, and they are ready to create plant arrangements in seconds.

Simply fill about 3/4 full with high-quality potting soil.  Ideally, use soil with high organic content, then arrange your favorite flowers and foliage.  For planters that fit against a wall, follow the simple rule of planting the tallest foliage and flowers in the back, then mid-height plants in the middle, and trailing flowers in the front.  For free-standing planters, consider planting a tall spike in the middle, with medium-size plants around it, and trailing plants all around the edges.  You really can't make any mistakes.

These AquaSav coco liners are well-suited for plantings of foliage only, if you like to make textural and colorful arrangements without blooms.  They work equally well for mixing flowers and foliage.  Flowers alone are beautiful but the seasoned flower gardener knows the mixing of flowers and assorted greenery will make the most eye-catching arrangements.

There are a few plants that won't work well together, such as succulents and non-succulents.  Choose plants that have similar water and sunlight requirements to partner in the same planters.  AquaSav liners will do the rest of the work for you, as long as you provide at least the minimum amount of water needed for your plants.  Overwatering is no longer a risk.  AquaSav will keep just enough moisture in the soil to help your plants thrive.

If you're undecided about which AquaSav liners will work best for you, or you're tired of your old wire-mesh planters, pair AquaSav liners with AquaSav baskets.  There are sizes and styles to fit nearly every spot around your home's exterior and landscape. There are single planters and even tiered planters to offer height as well as color to your patio and deck areas.  These add classic elegance that no other planter can match.

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