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Hand Seeders

hand seederPouring seed out of a seed packet onto your freshly cultivated spring soil isn't the most efficient or effective way to start your garden. Using a cupped hand to hold seeds is just asking for problems. First of all, it's impossible to space the seeds at the recommended distances without the proper tools. And second, most seeds are just too small to even see, once they hit the dirt.

The soil's surface isn't perfectly flat, so seeds can also roll and congregate in the lowest points, causing lots of wasted plant starts. Who wants to do extra thinning when young seedlings sprout in clusters?

For the home gardener, hand seeders take all the effort out of planting seeds. There are many varieties and styles to choose from. They're very affordable and well designed, allowing you to plant seeds where you want them, and with nearly no effort on your part. The benefits are many: you save lots of time, you save your back from extra bending, and you avoid having to thin plants if the seeds are spaced evenly to begin with.

The Seedmaster hand seeder operates with a manual internal vibrating mechanism that causes just one seed at a time to drop down into the channel for exact placement in the soil. It's an easy-to-handle trowel that holds a large quantity of seed, but it will give you control over the planting process. It's intuitive and easy to operate, saving your hand from difficult operations and your eyes from straining to see what you're doing. Since the design is completely open, you can continue adding seeds as you work.

A small click wheel on the handle of the Seedmaster is operated by your thumb. The faster you turn the wheel, the more pronounced the vibration and the faster the seeds are sent down the V-shaped channel and onto the soil's surface. Four interchangeable baffles are included with the Seedmaster, to work with most sizes and types of seeds.

The Seedmaster is designed to eliminate seed clumping and it's virtually maintenance free. Its parts will clean up easily and its durable materials are intended for many years of dependable use. The Seedmaster is so simple to use, you just tilt and click, and the seeds come out at the speed you choose.

There are other types of hand seeders, as well, including syringe-style containers with a plunger that allows you to inject one seed at a time. There is the dial-style sower with an enclosed chamber to hold the seeds, and 6 size options for dispensing them easily.

If you're a gardener who enjoys growing a variety of plants and wants to maximize your garden's produce while minimizing your time, a hand seeder is a requisite tool to get your season started. You'll save money by not wasting seed, and you'll make your entire planting process more streamlined and accurate. A beautiful garden is easy to achieve, and it's a lot more fun to show off.

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