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The Perfect Microwave Popcorn

If you work in an office or have ever walked into an office after someone has popped microwave popcorn in the break room, you know nothing will set off your taste buds quicker. There is something about that powerful aroma that is irresistible and will have you craving your own bag.

Garden Harvest Supply sells what aficionados consider the world's best popcornand now it’s available in two microwave varieties: “Ladyfinger” with butter flavor, and “White Hulless” which is light and airy. Both the golden variety “Ladyfinger” and the white variety are considered hulless popcorn. There is no such thing as true hulless popcorn, as the hull is what holds the kernel together, but this is as close as you can get.

When popcorn kernels are exposed to high heat, they explode to create the “inside out” crispy puffs that make them one of the most popular snacks on the planet. The hull, or the outer layer of most varieties of popcorn, is the small tough shell that is now inside the center of the kernel, and at least one or two of these nuisances will inevitably end up between your molars. The hulless varieties have thinner, more delicate outer skins so when they’re popped, they break up into smaller, less tough pieces. You will notice with your first bite how much more light and tender this popcorn’s texture is. Your molars will do a happy dance when you finish your popcorn and don’t have to immediately floss!

The texture is noticeably different but the flavor is equally noteworthy. Amish Country Microwave Popcorn is simply the best-tasting popcorn you’ll ever eat. You’ll be hooked from the first handful.Since it doesn't have a gourmet price tag, try a single bag and see for yourself. We are so sure you'll become addicted to this superior popcorn that we also sell cases of 50, which makes this more affordable than many grocery store popcorn brands.

The convenience of pre-measured bags makes microwave popcorn a great take-along snack and it's the perfect option for those watching their waistlines. In addition to being a satisfying and filling snack, a single serving of the butter-flavor variety has only 160 calories, and the White Hulless variety has only 140 calories.Both have 3 grams of fiber with 0 grams of cholesterol or sugar, so you're getting a lot of flavor and crunchy texture without all the guilt.

Amish Country Popcorn is without equal, and the microwave varieties are one of the most convenient and delicious snacks you'll find anywhere. Once you've tried it, you'll never want to eat any other popcorn. The rich flavor and airy texture are unlike anything else on the market. And now, with the ease and portability of individual packages, you can enjoy Amish Country Microwave Popcorn at home, at work or on vacationanywhere there is a microwave.

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