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From Rubber Tires To Rubber Mulch

recycled tree ringWant to make your garden “Green?” Garden Harvest Supply is doing its part to help save the environment by offering rubber mulch mats made from recycled rubber tires. Not only do these mats keep rubber out of landfills, they keep you off your knees pulling up pesky weeds. Save the planet while you save your back! They also make for easier grass cutting around your trees, saving time and effort (now that’s conservation we can all relate to!)

Perma-a-Mulch mats are created to look just like hardwood mulch and come in both red and dark brown shades. They are an improvement over natural mulch, however, since they last for 10 years, do not scatter and migrate when water pours over them from rain or hoses, and are a much more effective barrier to weeds. Their unique design allows for water to pass through to the ground beneath them but prevents weeds from growing up through them when placed on properly prepared soil. For ultimate weed prevention, shovel up all sod and roots and remove loose dirt from the area beneath your mats prior to their placement. To take care of even the most persistent weeds, just rotate your mats a quarter turn once a month.

Garden Harvest Supply offers both round mats intended to surround tree trunks, and long narrow mats (4.5 inches wide by 10 feet long) for edging fence lines and garden borders. The round mats range in size from 20 to 60 inches in diameter. The smaller mats are also ideal for surrounding mailbox posts. Each round mat comes with a hole cut in the center that you can cut wider over time to accommodate a growing tree trunk.

Perma-a-Mulch Recycled Rubber Mulch Mats make grass mowing around trees, fence lines, and garden borders, a breeze. The heavy duty mats stay put when you run the mower over the edges and if you get grass clippings on them, just pick them up and shake them off. Just try that with hardwood mulch! These mats have an advantage over loose rubber mulch material, as well, since the rubber is fused together and will not run off into the street or other parts of your yard (or your neighbor’s yard.)

Imagine a mulch that looks as natural as hardwood, lasts for 10 years, stays put, prevents weeds, and keeps rubber out of landfills. Garden Harvest Supply‘s Perma-a-Mulch Recycled Rubber Mulch Mats make all these qualities a reality.

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