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Pleasing Planters For Every Purpose

self watering planterWhatever your particular planter needs, Garden Harvest Supply has just the planter for you. Whether you are growing flowers, or vegetables, need planters for patio, deck, or garden, GHS has a wonderful variety from which you can select.

Do your plants tend to dry up and turn brittle or do your plants grow weak and spindly? If so, you may have a problem giving them just the right amount of moisture. We all know that plants will die without sufficient water, but you can also give them too much of a good thing and drown them into illness or death. The solution? Garden Harvest Supply comes to the rescue with their ingenious Self-Watering Planters. No, your plants won’t fetch the watering can and give themselves a shower, but this system takes the guess-work out of proper watering. These planters are made to stack in an attractive formation and have a series of built-in grids and tubes that filter the water from the top layer down to the bottom. Just generously water the top layer of planters and once their soil has absorbed the appropriate amount of water, the excess is sent down to the next planter and so on until each plant has had just the right amount of moisture to keep it healthy and happy.

Want to grow tomatoes, strawberries, and even potatoes on your deck or patio? Then you must try out the new, remarkable Grow Bags! Imagine harvesting your own potatoes by just dumping them out of a bag. It’s that simple. Each Grow Bag is sized correctly for either tomatoes, strawberries, or potatoes. The Tomato Bag is deep enough to accommodate a garden stake and the Strawberry Bag has planting pockets as well as a top growing area. And the Potato Bag is just too much fun! You plant your seed potatoes and when they are ready to harvest, just turn over the bag and dump them out! No more damaged potatoes from having to dig them out of the soil. The reusable Grow Bags are made of heavy-duty woven polyethylene and have webbing handles for easy transporting from one area to another.

If you need to hang your planters, set them on deck railings, or stand them on the ground or patio, Garden Harvest Supply has a wide variety of styles and sizes to meet each of these requirements. The one thing they all have in common, however, is they all come with AquaSav Coco Liners. These liners are not only attractive, but provide optimum aeration and drainage for root health. And as the name implies, they have a built-in reservoir that conserves water.

Want a planter that makes your flowers or strawberry plants the centerpiece of your landscape? Garden Harvest Supply offers their unique Pyramid Space Saving Garden. This 3 level, circular planting system is perfect for strawberries and even comes with a built-in sprinkler for carefree watering. And if you plant it with flowers, it will look as pretty as the top of a wedding cake! The bottom ring is 6 feet in diameter and the entire Pyramid Planter is easily assembled with no tools required.

So, don’t let lack of space hold you back from planting beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables. Garden Harvest Supply has the planters you need for successful container gardening.

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