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Be Supportive of Your Plants

veggie cageWithout adequate support, tomato plants will topple over from their own weight. Tomato plants usually don't survive trailing along the ground, either: the leaves will rot, the bent stems won't nourish the growth, and the fruits will be consumed by animals and insects.

Luckily, there are several very cool new ways to support these top-heavy, rigorous sun-seekers. Tomato cages have come a long way, aesthetically speaking. And it's not just better-looking styles that make today's tomato cages superior to supports of past decades. New materials and space-saving designs allow options that will perform for every type of tomato plant and for every gardener's needs.

You now have a choice of materials including galvanized steel, vinyl, and nylon. There are round and square shapes, and tall or taller (stackable) sizes. Lever Loop Plant Clips allow you to keep new stems and shoots supported as your plant grows.

The Veggie Cage Tomato Support forms a neat, one-piece upward spiral around a center stake, so your plant grows right along with it, and it needs very little maintenance to keep the plant symmetrical and well-groomed.

The Tomato Tower Tomato Cage is a five-foot-tall strong nylon net that is suspended around a center stake, and you simply pull leaves through the openings as the plant grows, eliminating the need to tie up the new foliage.

The Ultimato Tomato Cage is three upright stakes that form a triangle. You can make continual adjustments along with your plant's growth with the support clips, giving you complete versatility.

All of Garden Harvest Supply's tomato cages will allow maximum sunlight and air circulation around the leaves and branches of your plants. They are also designed for the easiest installation and breakdown at the end of the season. These tomato cages all rinse clean and fold flat for quick and easy winter storage. They are all made of durable materials and are meant to last through many gardening seasons.

These cages also are extraordinary aids for growing other tall or vining veggies such as pole beans, cucumbers, peas, peppers and gourds. For topiary fans, experiment with training flowering morning glories or passion plants on the Tomato Cage Tomato Support. Its conical shape is perfect for covering with blooms.

If you have ever grown tomatoes in the past, you know that without some form of support, they won't thrive. The weight of the fruit is more than the delicate branches can bear, so it's best to have the support network in place when you plant your new plants. And why not start with a tomato cage that requires the least amount of set-up work and maintenance, but also offers the most features to ensure the biggest crop of delicious tomatoes?

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