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How To Use Garden Trellis Netting

March 27th, 2009

A plant growing on a trellis netting in the gardenOnce your garden plants have started sprawling, it's too late to think about supporting them. You need to plan your garden before you plant it. And, any experienced gardener knows that you can't overestimate the ability of vining and trailing plants to grow into every inch of space available to themwhether you intended for them to be there or not.

It's best to let your plants know your intentions before they take over. In other words, have a system of support already in place before they begin to grow. There are several advantages to using trellis netting for controlling the spread of your plants. First of all, trellis netting is a cinch to handle. It's lightweight, meaning one person can easily install it where desired. It's durable and weather-resistant nylonmade to last. It's strong enough to hold all the weight your plants can pack onto it, yet it's a soft, gentle support for stems and vines to attach to. The trellis netting comes with a lifetime guarantee against defects. It takes up nearly no storage space in the off-season and needs no special storage preparation. Just fold and stow.

A wild and untamed garden isn't just unattractiveit's unproductive. Vining plants will encroach on all other plants and kill them by stealing their growing room, nutrients, and sunlight, if they're not trained to stay in the space you provide them. That's what is so great about the garden trellis netting system of support: you can grow these rigorous vines vertically. That's right, you now have a way to conserve your garden space by using upward mobility!

Garden trellis netting can be suspended to hang vertically from a roof edge, like a curtain. It can be draped over an A-frame made of metal or wood, so it has two angled sides like a tent. Or, it can be stretched between two upright wood or metal stakes in the ground, forming a straight wall. The main things to consider are how heavy your plants will be, and how big you will allow them to get.

If you plan to grow squash, melons, gourds or tomatoes using the trellis netting, make sure to purchase some plant clips to keep the fruits supported on the stems. Speaking of fruits, blackberry and raspberry vines happily grow onto the garden trellis netting. You will be able to train them to go straight up, or in a long, horizontal pattern. Garden trellis netting comes in several sizes.

The garden trellis netting is also ideal for lighter-weight vines like cucumbers, peas, beans and herbs. They'll have all the breathing room they'll need to provide plenty of produce. And don't forget flowers! Morning glories, clematis, vining roses and other flowering vines LOVE trailing onto garden trellis netting. It allows them to spread out to their heart's content, displaying a large area of flower power color wherever you provide the netting for them to fill in.

Big thanks to Anne Stephenson for the beautiful trellis photo! You can view her other photos here.

Hand Seeders

March 19th, 2009

hand seederPouring seed out of a seed packet onto your freshly cultivated spring soil isn't the most efficient or effective way to start your garden. Using a cupped hand to hold seeds is just asking for problems. First of all, it's impossible to space the seeds at the recommended distances without the proper tools. And second, most seeds are just too small to even see, once they hit the dirt.

The soil's surface isn't perfectly flat, so seeds can also roll and congregate in the lowest points, causing lots of wasted plant starts. Who wants to do extra thinning when young seedlings sprout in clusters?

For the home gardener, hand seeders take all the effort out of planting seeds. There are many varieties and styles to choose from. They're very affordable and well designed, allowing you to plant seeds where you want them, and with nearly no effort on your part. The benefits are many: you save lots of time, you save your back from extra bending, and you avoid having to thin plants if the seeds are spaced evenly to begin with.

The Seedmaster hand seeder operates with a manual internal vibrating mechanism that causes just one seed at a time to drop down into the channel for exact placement in the soil. It's an easy-to-handle trowel that holds a large quantity of seed, but it will give you control over the planting process. It's intuitive and easy to operate, saving your hand from difficult operations and your eyes from straining to see what you're doing. Since the design is completely open, you can continue adding seeds as you work.

A small click wheel on the handle of the Seedmaster is operated by your thumb. The faster you turn the wheel, the more pronounced the vibration and the faster the seeds are sent down the V-shaped channel and onto the soil's surface. Four interchangeable baffles are included with the Seedmaster, to work with most sizes and types of seeds.

The Seedmaster is designed to eliminate seed clumping and it's virtually maintenance free. Its parts will clean up easily and its durable materials are intended for many years of dependable use. The Seedmaster is so simple to use, you just tilt and click, and the seeds come out at the speed you choose.

There are other types of hand seeders, as well, including syringe-style containers with a plunger that allows you to inject one seed at a time. There is the dial-style sower with an enclosed chamber to hold the seeds, and 6 size options for dispensing them easily.

If you're a gardener who enjoys growing a variety of plants and wants to maximize your garden's produce while minimizing your time, a hand seeder is a requisite tool to get your season started. You'll save money by not wasting seed, and you'll make your entire planting process more streamlined and accurate. A beautiful garden is easy to achieve, and it's a lot more fun to show off.

The Perfect Microwave Popcorn

March 12th, 2009

If you work in an office or have ever walked into an office after someone has popped microwave popcorn in the break room, you know nothing will set off your taste buds quicker. There is something about that powerful aroma that is irresistible and will have you craving your own bag.

Garden Harvest Supply sells what aficionados consider the world's best popcornand now it’s available in two microwave varieties: “Ladyfinger” with butter flavor, and “White Hulless” which is light and airy. Both the golden variety “Ladyfinger” and the white variety are considered hulless popcorn. There is no such thing as true hulless popcorn, as the hull is what holds the kernel together, but this is as close as you can get.

When popcorn kernels are exposed to high heat, they explode to create the “inside out” crispy puffs that make them one of the most popular snacks on the planet. The hull, or the outer layer of most varieties of popcorn, is the small tough shell that is now inside the center of the kernel, and at least one or two of these nuisances will inevitably end up between your molars. The hulless varieties have thinner, more delicate outer skins so when they’re popped, they break up into smaller, less tough pieces. You will notice with your first bite how much more light and tender this popcorn’s texture is. Your molars will do a happy dance when you finish your popcorn and don’t have to immediately floss!

The texture is noticeably different but the flavor is equally noteworthy. Amish Country Microwave Popcorn is simply the best-tasting popcorn you’ll ever eat. You’ll be hooked from the first handful.Since it doesn't have a gourmet price tag, try a single bag and see for yourself. We are so sure you'll become addicted to this superior popcorn that we also sell cases of 50, which makes this more affordable than many grocery store popcorn brands.

The convenience of pre-measured bags makes microwave popcorn a great take-along snack and it's the perfect option for those watching their waistlines. In addition to being a satisfying and filling snack, a single serving of the butter-flavor variety has only 160 calories, and the White Hulless variety has only 140 calories.Both have 3 grams of fiber with 0 grams of cholesterol or sugar, so you're getting a lot of flavor and crunchy texture without all the guilt.

Amish Country Popcorn is without equal, and the microwave varieties are one of the most convenient and delicious snacks you'll find anywhere. Once you've tried it, you'll never want to eat any other popcorn. The rich flavor and airy texture are unlike anything else on the market. And now, with the ease and portability of individual packages, you can enjoy Amish Country Microwave Popcorn at home, at work or on vacationanywhere there is a microwave.

From Rubber Tires To Rubber Mulch

March 9th, 2009

recycled tree ringWant to make your garden “Green?” Garden Harvest Supply is doing its part to help save the environment by offering rubber mulch mats made from recycled rubber tires. Not only do these mats keep rubber out of landfills, they keep you off your knees pulling up pesky weeds. Save the planet while you save your back! They also make for easier grass cutting around your trees, saving time and effort (now that’s conservation we can all relate to!)

Perma-a-Mulch mats are created to look just like hardwood mulch and come in both red and dark brown shades. They are an improvement over natural mulch, however, since they last for 10 years, do not scatter and migrate when water pours over them from rain or hoses, and are a much more effective barrier to weeds. Their unique design allows for water to pass through to the ground beneath them but prevents weeds from growing up through them when placed on properly prepared soil. For ultimate weed prevention, shovel up all sod and roots and remove loose dirt from the area beneath your mats prior to their placement. To take care of even the most persistent weeds, just rotate your mats a quarter turn once a month.

Garden Harvest Supply offers both round mats intended to surround tree trunks, and long narrow mats (4.5 inches wide by 10 feet long) for edging fence lines and garden borders. The round mats range in size from 20 to 60 inches in diameter. The smaller mats are also ideal for surrounding mailbox posts. Each round mat comes with a hole cut in the center that you can cut wider over time to accommodate a growing tree trunk.

Perma-a-Mulch Recycled Rubber Mulch Mats make grass mowing around trees, fence lines, and garden borders, a breeze. The heavy duty mats stay put when you run the mower over the edges and if you get grass clippings on them, just pick them up and shake them off. Just try that with hardwood mulch! These mats have an advantage over loose rubber mulch material, as well, since the rubber is fused together and will not run off into the street or other parts of your yard (or your neighbor’s yard.)

Imagine a mulch that looks as natural as hardwood, lasts for 10 years, stays put, prevents weeds, and keeps rubber out of landfills. Garden Harvest Supply‘s Perma-a-Mulch Recycled Rubber Mulch Mats make all these qualities a reality.

Pleasing Planters For Every Purpose

March 6th, 2009

self watering planterWhatever your particular planter needs, Garden Harvest Supply has just the planter for you. Whether you are growing flowers, or vegetables, need planters for patio, deck, or garden, GHS has a wonderful variety from which you can select.

Do your plants tend to dry up and turn brittle or do your plants grow weak and spindly? If so, you may have a problem giving them just the right amount of moisture. We all know that plants will die without sufficient water, but you can also give them too much of a good thing and drown them into illness or death. The solution? Garden Harvest Supply comes to the rescue with their ingenious Self-Watering Planters. No, your plants won’t fetch the watering can and give themselves a shower, but this system takes the guess-work out of proper watering. These planters are made to stack in an attractive formation and have a series of built-in grids and tubes that filter the water from the top layer down to the bottom. Just generously water the top layer of planters and once their soil has absorbed the appropriate amount of water, the excess is sent down to the next planter and so on until each plant has had just the right amount of moisture to keep it healthy and happy.

Want to grow tomatoes, strawberries, and even potatoes on your deck or patio? Then you must try out the new, remarkable Grow Bags! Imagine harvesting your own potatoes by just dumping them out of a bag. It’s that simple. Each Grow Bag is sized correctly for either tomatoes, strawberries, or potatoes. The Tomato Bag is deep enough to accommodate a garden stake and the Strawberry Bag has planting pockets as well as a top growing area. And the Potato Bag is just too much fun! You plant your seed potatoes and when they are ready to harvest, just turn over the bag and dump them out! No more damaged potatoes from having to dig them out of the soil. The reusable Grow Bags are made of heavy-duty woven polyethylene and have webbing handles for easy transporting from one area to another.

If you need to hang your planters, set them on deck railings, or stand them on the ground or patio, Garden Harvest Supply has a wide variety of styles and sizes to meet each of these requirements. The one thing they all have in common, however, is they all come with AquaSav Coco Liners. These liners are not only attractive, but provide optimum aeration and drainage for root health. And as the name implies, they have a built-in reservoir that conserves water.

Want a planter that makes your flowers or strawberry plants the centerpiece of your landscape? Garden Harvest Supply offers their unique Pyramid Space Saving Garden. This 3 level, circular planting system is perfect for strawberries and even comes with a built-in sprinkler for carefree watering. And if you plant it with flowers, it will look as pretty as the top of a wedding cake! The bottom ring is 6 feet in diameter and the entire Pyramid Planter is easily assembled with no tools required.

So, don’t let lack of space hold you back from planting beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables. Garden Harvest Supply has the planters you need for successful container gardening.

Be Supportive of Your Plants

March 4th, 2009

veggie cageWithout adequate support, tomato plants will topple over from their own weight. Tomato plants usually don't survive trailing along the ground, either: the leaves will rot, the bent stems won't nourish the growth, and the fruits will be consumed by animals and insects.

Luckily, there are several very cool new ways to support these top-heavy, rigorous sun-seekers. Tomato cages have come a long way, aesthetically speaking. And it's not just better-looking styles that make today's tomato cages superior to supports of past decades. New materials and space-saving designs allow options that will perform for every type of tomato plant and for every gardener's needs.

You now have a choice of materials including galvanized steel, vinyl, and nylon. There are round and square shapes, and tall or taller (stackable) sizes. Lever Loop Plant Clips allow you to keep new stems and shoots supported as your plant grows.

The Veggie Cage Tomato Support forms a neat, one-piece upward spiral around a center stake, so your plant grows right along with it, and it needs very little maintenance to keep the plant symmetrical and well-groomed.

The Tomato Tower Tomato Cage is a five-foot-tall strong nylon net that is suspended around a center stake, and you simply pull leaves through the openings as the plant grows, eliminating the need to tie up the new foliage.

The Ultimato Tomato Cage is three upright stakes that form a triangle. You can make continual adjustments along with your plant's growth with the support clips, giving you complete versatility.

All of Garden Harvest Supply's tomato cages will allow maximum sunlight and air circulation around the leaves and branches of your plants. They are also designed for the easiest installation and breakdown at the end of the season. These tomato cages all rinse clean and fold flat for quick and easy winter storage. They are all made of durable materials and are meant to last through many gardening seasons.

These cages also are extraordinary aids for growing other tall or vining veggies such as pole beans, cucumbers, peas, peppers and gourds. For topiary fans, experiment with training flowering morning glories or passion plants on the Tomato Cage Tomato Support. Its conical shape is perfect for covering with blooms.

If you have ever grown tomatoes in the past, you know that without some form of support, they won't thrive. The weight of the fruit is more than the delicate branches can bear, so it's best to have the support network in place when you plant your new plants. And why not start with a tomato cage that requires the least amount of set-up work and maintenance, but also offers the most features to ensure the biggest crop of delicious tomatoes?

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