Celery Plant Question

I live in Florida and I bought some celery plants (Tall Utah) that never got tall. Can you give me some feedback on why this might be?  Thanks, Theo

AnswerCelery requires a long, moist and cool growing season. It is not very tolerant of temperature fluctuations. Overall, it is considered to be one of the biggest vegetable gardening challenges. So not knowing what the weather conditions are or what your soil conditions are like–with celery needing a well-drained soil, and high organic matter–it's hard to say what kept it from growing to full height. If you try again, Tall Utah requires 100-120 days to mature. It prefers a soil high in organic matter. It does well in wet locations, with good drainage. Celery is a heavy feeder and needs plenty of fertilizer for quick growth.

I hope this helps, Karen

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