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Dust It Yourself

Pest control is now easy, economical, and more environmentally friendly than ever. The Dustin-Mizer Dust Applicator allows you to apply all powdered garden productsincluding insecticides and fungicideswith the turn of a handle and the control to deliver the product exactly where you want it. There are many reasons it's the number 1 selling garden duster.

The Dustin-Mizer sends a column of dust at up to 72 rpm in a controlled, even application, with a large volume of air propelling the product quickly and efficiently. The hopper holds up to 1 pound of powdered chemical. The built-in 1/8-inch metal screen sifter ensures a consistent and steady dispersal of product. Dust is propelled at 20-30 miles per hour, enabling quick and easy coverage. Use the Dustin-Mizer to coat trees, garden vegetation, landscapesover and under any tough-to-reach surfaces.

This lightweight, hand-held dusting applicator is designed for use in attics and crawl spaces, landscape areas, and gardens. The Dustin Mizer is comfortable to hold and operate. It comes with an extension tube and deflector that give you total control and aim, and they allow application on the undersides of leaves, where many insects hang out. Its total length is just over 34 inches.

Besides traditional pesticides, the Dustin-Mizer is well-suited for use with diatomaceous earth, one of nature's least harmful and most effective insect killers. It's also a good spreader for boric acid, pyrethrin, sulfur, Delta Dust, Permethrin Dust, Rotenone, and Drione Dust. The Dustin-Mizer is a great tool for broadcasting dry powdered fertilizers and soil additives, as well.

Made of impact-resistant plastic with durable steel internal components, the Dustin Mizer is meant for years of dependable use. All parts are non-corrosive and chemically inert. The 16-inch delivery tube and extension deflector allow application where it's desired, and with a hand crank that's geared for smooth and easy turning, coating surfaces with powdered products has never been easier or more convenient.

Because of its portability, the Dustin Mizer is ideal for farm use. Its operation is quiet, so applying organic insecticides and diatomaceous earth on large and small pets and livestock animals, around barn stalls and anywhere animals are cared for doesn't cause undo stress among the four-leggeds. Simply fill the hopper, aim the nozzle, and crank.

Broadcasting small seeds can also be a cinch with this well-designed, multi-purpose applicator. The 1/8-inch screen allows passage of spinach, lettuce, flower and other little seeds with an even and consistent spread.

This dust applicator saves product, because it allows excellent control of application. The Dustin-Mizer takes up very little space when stored. And because it's operated by hand power and not a motor, it gets two environmental thumbs up. No pollution, no waste products, no electric cords, and no disposal of propellant.

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  1. Randy says:

    Yes I just received my Dustin-Mizer garden duster and I must say that I am well pleased. I haven't seen anything like it in my part of the country. It is high quality. Thank you for your prompt handling and shipping. Randy R.

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