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Organic Vegetable Seeds

Organic, the word just sounds so clean and natural.

Yet, as we surf into the future on this growing green wave, we sometimes forget to take the time to learn what exactly the term means. We're human. It happens.

But the information is actually pretty easy to understand. It comes down to just three main classifications:

  1. To be certified 100% organic by the USDA, a product has to contain only organically produced ingredients and processing aids. Apart from water and salt, that is.
  2. Anything sporting the word organic has to be at least 95% organically produced ingredients. (Apart, again, for water and salt.) The remaining ingredients must be on the approved National List, which includes items that are not available in organic form.
  3. How about the claim made with organic ingredients? Well, that requies 70% organically produced ingredients.

The USDA backs up these rules with a fine up to $11,000 on anyone who knowingly sells or labels a product as organic that isn't.

Now, you don't have to be a botanist to know that organic vegetables come from organic seeds. The main advantage of growing organic seeds is pretty obvious: Whatever you growprovided you take proper carewill be free of pesticides and other chemicals. There's also a down-the-line costs savings. Have you seen the cost of organic vegetables in your local supermarket?

Sometimes, there's a visible difference, too. Organic seed is often larger than non-organic. Once planted, their roots can go deeper. Their leaves often spread quicker. They can survive in poorer soil than their pesticide-tainted cousins.

The healthiest seeds still need a healthy home. Adding natural compost to the soil before planting can promote strong growth. Organic mulch can also help keep the weeds at bay.

Since it would defeat their purpose to spray organic seeds with pesticides, you may find yourself having to pick off insects by hand. (Of course, there are organic pesticides, but that can wait for another blog post.) If you've got kids, insect removal could make for an interesting science fair experiment. Ladybugs can also help with the job.

While organic seeds have demonstrated specific physical advantages, perhaps the biggest one is social. By using organic seeds, you are encouraging and nurturing not just plantsbut also environmental friendly companies. You're being a part of this green wave.

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  1. Camellia says:

    thanks – it can be real confusing knowing what’s what when it comes down to green issues, such as Organic (or not).

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