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To Seed or Not to Seed

If you’re a serious gardener (and by serious, we mean your garden grows a little larger each year), then you know how backbreaking it can be to plant seeds by hand.  It’s also an inefficient way to plant, since it’s difficult to maintain consistency when you’re working in the soil.

For a small investment in seed planting equipment, you can save yourself a serious amount of time—and of course, your knees and back will thank you. A seed planter ensures straighter rows, uniform row spacing, and nearly no physical effort from you. You simply fill the hopper and walk behind the easy-to-push seeder, and let it do all the work.

The EarthWay Precision Garden Seeder comes with a row marker, a planter stand, a precision planting depth gauge and 6 standard seed plates.  Seed plates contain multiple size and shape openings, each designed for specific types of seed. If you plant a wide variety of plants, you will also want to consider buying the optional seed plates to match your seed types.
Precision Products’ Garden Seeder is small but efficient.  The concave wheels form a mound over the newly planted seeds and cleat the ground for correct drainage. Two hoppers allow planting and fertilizing in one pass. It comes with a storage pouch, 6 seed plates, a reversible row marker and it has a 5-pound hopper capacity.

The Lambert All-in-One Seed Row Planter comes with 6 seed plates to handle 31 common vegetable seed sizes. The fertilizer hopper has a flow control for proper density of application. It also includes a pouch mounted to the handles to hold extra seed, gardening gloves, a notepad or any other small supplies you need as you work. This seeder plants the vegetable seed, fertilizes it, covers it and marks the row all in one pass. It has an adjustable depth shovel to ensure seeds are planted at their ideal depth in the soil.

Today’s well-designed seed planters are compact and take up very little space in the shed, but their functionality is large. Seed waste is minimized with these planting devices, because the spacing of seeds is even and precise. Once in the ground, the seed is covered and the next row is being marked simultaneously. The seeds are also planted at a uniform depth.

Garden Harvest Supply carries all these garden seeders, and all three are crafted of heavy-duty, long-lasting and weather-resistant materials. They’re meant to clean up easily after planting.  GHS also carries an extensive variety of organic vegetable seeds.

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