Can Help Me Find This Bean Seed

I am looking for a bean seed called Little Greassy. It is a old bean and comes in white and brown. Hope you can help me find this bean seed. Thanks Joyce G.

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    November 26, 2008 at 9:53 am


    The “Greasy” bean is an heirloom bean and there are several varieties. Their origin is centered in Appalachia and they were given the name Greasy because the pod lacks the tiny hairs like other beans, giving them a slick or “greasy” look. I’ve found a few references to them online but the best resource seems to be a man named Bill Best. I found a couple of articles by him on the Sustainable Mountain Agriculture Center website. I did not find a specific variety called Little Greasy but you might find something similar, or perhaps “Greasy” is actually what you are actually searching for. I hope this helps your search and best of luck.

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