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Discover Diatomaceous Earth

One of the biggest problems mankind faces is also the tiniest. Small pests in the form of fleas, ticks, flies, ants, roaches, grubs and slugs can all be maddening if they infest your space, whether inside your home, on your pets or livestock, around your garden, or in your lawn. Luckily, nature is a clever inventor, and it has created something better than any scientist could manufacture to handle tough pest problemsnaturally.

Diatomaceous Earth, also known as fossil shell flour, is a wonder insecticide. It is available in many forms but for this short article, we'll focus on food grade. And we'll get to why, in a minute.  First, some basics:

Diatoms are algae-like plants that eons ago left their skeletal remains to create sediment in the earth called diatomite. Diatomite is chalky and can be mined and ground up into a fine mineral powder that is similar to talcum.

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural fossilized product. Each particle has microscopic clumps of fragments with razor-sharp edges. When insects make contact, these particles slice right through their exoskeleton, or protective outer layer, causing them to suffocate and die. It kills insects without toxic chemicals or insecticide fumes.

Another form of diatomaceous earth is used in pool filtration devices, but it's treated and heated to perform a specific function not intended for use with plants or animals. Food grade is called that because it can actually be ingested by pets and livestock without damage to them. In fact, it is commonly used to rid them of intestinal parasite problems. It is safe for use nearly everywhere and it will eliminate destructive and annoying pests from your home's interior and exterior. Best of all, it doesn't affect earthworms, which are desirable underground residents that keep soil fertilized and aerated.

The only warning with using food grade diatomaceous earth is not to breathe the dust. Application must be performed by an adult and precautions must be heeded to avoid irritation to mucus membranes.

Because it can be ingested, Food Grade DE is an exceptional solution to fleas on cats and dogs.  It can be applied directly to their skin, underneath their coats.

Bedbugs have become a huge problem in the United States in the past couple of years because they're resistant to traditional pest control chemicals. Just when you think you're rid of them, they keep showing back up.  Diatomaceous Earth has been successful in complete elimination of them.

Silverfish, aphids, cockroaches, lice and earwigs can safely be eliminated by simply dusting where these insects hang out.  Sprinkle Food Grade DE inside cabinets, behind appliances, near sewer pipes and drains, around baseboards or anywhere around the home or barn exterior to keep bugs at bay.  It only takes 24-48 hours for the insect problem to be taken care of but in cases of heavy infestation, reapplication may be necessary.

This organic product is available in a 5-pound household consumer size as well as a 50-pound industrial size.

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