The Scoop On Kitty Litter Odor Control

When it comes to keeping a cat-friendly household, there are a few tricks to make odor disappear. We have the pick of the litter on odor control to make your house feel less like a cattery and more like a home.

It can be embarrassing to have people visit if there are cat odors in your home. Thanks to new litters, cleaners and deodorizers – and if you follow some basic advice – pet smells don't have to be a problem anymore.

There are many way to control the odor of a litter box. The simple rule of thumb is, the more cats you have, the more litter boxes you need. If you’re a three-cat household, one litter box is not enough. Two are definitely required. Hooded covers and charcoal filters for the litter box help control odor. It also helps if you frequently change the litter. Don’t go for an entire week without replacing the old litter. Change it at least every two or three days.

Of course there are clumping litters that claim to allow all of the liquids to be removed in one scoop, but those aren’t necessarily safe for your cat. A cat grooms itself frequently, and tiny amount of litter can be ingested. And that litter can clump in a cat’s intestines and stomach just as they do in the litter pan, basically turning it into cement inside their feline bodies.

Your best bet is to try an odor control product to erase any traces of a kitty scent. Zero Odor® reduces odor to zero. Whenever you spray Zero Odor, its odor-eliminating molecules bond with the molecules that cause odor, and changes them into molecules that can no longer cause odor. It’s non-toxic and bio-degradable, too. Spray it onto litter and any odor is immediately eliminated.

There’s also Odor Assassin, which get rid of bad odors around the house and features a patented ingredient, SE-500, which boosts its odor-fighting power. Another option is all natural NI-712, which attacks the molecular structure of the cause of bad odors and can remove cat urine smells in an instant.

If you are planning any holiday travel with your cats, make sure you take along an odor control product. Car trips with pets are much more fun with sweet smelling animals.

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