Diatomaceous Earth, How Do We Love Thee?

We’re letting YOU count the ways. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is one of our favorite products at GHS, and we’d like for the entire world to know about this natural wonder. If you’ve already had success using our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, we hope you’ll add your comments to this blog and tell others of your experiences.

If you haven’t tried it, feel free to write with questions or comments.

Diatomaceous Earth is an all-natural fossilized rock, and when it’s ground into a fine powder, it kills insects by physically destroying them, rather than chemically. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a mild abrasive used in human facial scrubs, metal polishes, and toothpaste. But our product is most commonly used as a safe, effective insecticide: pests dehydrate and die after coming in contact with it. It works against slugs and grubs without adding dangerous, toxic chemicals to your environment.

Tell us and others why you love Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth!

76 Responses to “Diatomaceous Earth, How Do We Love Thee?”

  1. jstutzman says:

    Yes it should kill your bugs.

  2. Brenda says:

    I just heard about DE, and purchased 10# of DE from you, (have not received it yet) for controlling fleas/ticks on my dog and 2 cats, their bedding, etc. I would also like to mix DE in their food. My dog weighs 5 #, cats weigh 11 and 15 #, how much should they be given? I would also like to know if DE is safe to used in bird cages on the bottom, with a wire protection above the floor, (african grey, cockatoo, cockatiels and finches) as a prevention of mites, etc. They would not be walking in the DE. Would the dust be harmful when/if applied to cage floors? You continue to mention “be careful and not make a lot of dust when sprinkling DE on pets coats” what happens if there is dust? I’m really excited that I learn about this product, it truly does, as someone else said, seems too good to be true.


  3. jstutzman says:

    It would be okay to mix 1/2 teaspoon per day for each of the pets. However I would not recommend putting diatomaceous earth in the bird cage if they can stir it up with their wings. Not that the dust would hurt anyone, it would just be very messy. When applying diatomaceous to your pet's coats, it is important not to make a dust storm around them where they would in turn breathe it in. No dust is good for lungs. Enjoy this great product.

  4. Brenda says:

    Thanks for the information. I’ve been waiting to use the DE until I got your info on my cats and dog. I am now the proud owner of Fainting and Pygmy Goats. I am new to Goats only had them 4 days. One of my Fainting Nanny’s has 2 babies (3 wks. old) and they have some kind of small tannish looking bugs (maybe lice, I have never seen any before so not sure what they are)and white stuff like dandruff on them, and tiny dots attached to fur (eggs maybe). Can I use DE on them, the babies and adult, (lice or whatever) goats to combat the bugs? BTW I know they are not fleas, as I know what a flea looks like. Thanks in advance, Brenda

  5. jstutzman says:

    Congratulations on your new goats! One of our employees has also just purchased his first fainting goat. He likes it so much he wants to get a female and start breeding, lol. It sure sounds like lice; however I am not an expert with those buggers so I am not sure it diatomaceous earth will help or not. I would love to get some feedback once you try it out on them. Joe

  6. I have tried everything to get rid of our tick infestation that we suddenly acquired after the hurricanes last year, in Florida. I have a child and small dogs and cannot use chemicals for fear of harming or killing them. All the natural remedies have failed .. regardless of what I do to stay on top of this everyday !!

    I can’t wait to try this product, which I have never heard of but I am especially concerned about giving it internally. If it cuts up the outer body of ticks, fleas and numerous other insects… why does it not cut up the soft intestines of animals and humans ? Where can I find more detailed information about this product and how to recognize the “BEST GRADE” ? Thanks,

  7. jim says:

    Just got my DE last week and went strait to work on everything. I dusted the entire yard, dog, rugs, bedding. Anything that moved got dusted. I have spent more money than I care to say combating ticks and fleas. I have a few questions. 1. Can you over apply DE? 2. I have an irrigation system that waters all of the plants a few times per week. Does the DM effects persist beyond rain or irrigation? If so, how do you recommend using it? Thanks Jim

  8. jstutzman says:

    Jim, the only way to over apply diatomaceous earth would be if it is creating a lot of dust by walking over it. The irrigation should not weaken the product.

  9. jstutzman says:

    Walela, diatomaceous earth has been used by many people very successfully for getting rid of ticks. However it may have to be applied thicker than I would like for a small child to be walking or playing in the area. You do not want to have it create dust while walking over it. We have another product available that may work better for your yard, it is Cedar Oil. Let me know once you have tried out the DE and we will go from there.

  10. anita says:

    Hi i just got my first bag,and i read alot of e-mails about it for pets,but what i really wanted to know how safe is it really for humans.Thank you.

  11. jstutzman says:

    Anita I can tell you that many of our customers us Diatomaceous Earth both internally and externally. What makes our product safe to use for human consumption is the ‘Food Grade’ label. Enjoy your DE.

  12. Larry Castleberry says:

    What are the uses for humans?

  13. DENISE says:

    I have heard this is good for people also to use for high blood pressure and other thing but I did hear you should not take this if you have lupus have you have info on this if it is true or not.Thank You

  14. jstutzman says:

    Sorry but we do not have any testimonials about high blood pressure.

  15. WillaH says:

    What is recommended dosage for humans?
    Are there any side effects?
    Another website stated it is good for lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and good for hair, teeth and nails. What say you?

  16. jstutzman says:

    Because Diatomaceous Earth is an organic product we can only say that people use it for many different reason. Most folks take 1 teaspoon per serving.

  17. Melody Barrett says:

    Hi! I received my order of the Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and sprinkled my carpets (and my dogs). How long before I can vacuum my carpets? I want to make sure the fleas are dead.

  18. jstutzman says:

    Let the diatomaceous earth sit overnight, then vacuum. Due to the fact of eggs hatching, you will need to do this 3 other times. Wait about 4 days for the second time and 7 days after that for the third time.

  19. sharon says:

    If I put the diatomaceous food grade earth on my dogs beds, is it harmful for them to breathe? Thanks sharon empson

  20. jstutzman says:

    DE is like all dust, you do not want to inhale a lot of it. You should only apply it so there is a light dusting on their bedding. Should be no problems what so ever.

  21. Michelle says:

    I have a phenomenal testimony about DE. I had a major flea infestation a few summers ago, my lovely dog decided to share and bring them inside so both of my indoor cats got them as well. My pooch also had to be treated for worms from eating infected fleas, I bombed the house and got Capstar pills for the animals but wanted to look in to something more environmentally friendly. I ordered a bag and started giving our dog a tablespoon in his breakfast every morning. He was also on Deramaxx for hip dysplasia/osteoarthritis and was maxed out on the dose. We were actually thinking he was going to have to be put down because he was in such terrible pain, he could barely get up off the floor, surgery was not an option due to size and age. In a matter of weeks he was like a new dog again! My beloved Teddy could even come up the steps again! We are so thankful we found DE and a surprise benefit! I hadn’t read anything about joint issues but my dog is proof that it is wonderful stuff. I tell everyone about it. It even cleared up a nasty yeast infection on my sister in law’s dog. Her skin looked like elephant hide and she had spent hundreds of dollars at the vet trying to get it gone and a few weeks on the DE and her coat is back to its original fluffiness and shine. Unbelievable stuff! It is a staple in our home and will be as long as we have animals 🙂

  22. how to get rid of bed bus…

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  23. kelly says:

    i want to use this to dust my cats for flea control, but i have a ball python in a tank that the cats like to nap on. will DE hurt or kill my snake? i would hate to accidentally kill my snake by using this on my cats.

  24. jstutzman says:

    We are not experts on snakes; however we can say that the amount that would rub off of your cats would be so minimal there should be no issues whatsoever.

  25. Jess says:

    Hi Joe,

    I would like to replace our chemical wormers for horses, as well as use DE as a dusting powder when the horses have lice (we are in the sub tropics in Australia and flies are a problem for the horses too). What is the recommendation for worming horses, particularly if they are not hand fed each day (grazing in large paddocks)?
    As far as the dogs go, is it necessary to feed DE daily, or just when fleas are present? Do you feed daily to prevent worm numbers building? Kind regards, Jess

  26. jstutzman says:

    Jess, most folks figure to use about 2% of their total feed rate in food grade diatomaceous earth.

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