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Watch the Dustin-Mizer Garden Duster in action

The Dustin Mizer Garden Duster is a lightweight and economical handy operated duster. This short video will demonstrate how easy it is to use.

4 Responses to “Watch the Dustin-Mizer Garden Duster in action”

  1. Pam says:

    I cannot find this anywhere in my area. I did find, about 30 miles away, a store that had ordered it for me but it is food grade DE and Montmorillonite Clay. I got is specifically to feed to my pets to rid of fleas and etc. I am unsure if this is okay for my pets. What can you tell me about this?

  2. WDurr says:

    Yes, it is food grade(means it is safe to eat) & can very effectively be used to safely powder your pets for fleas. We use it in our home & on our pets bcs of our small children, it is completely safe.

  3. Hi
    Just wanted to drop a line to say I appreciate the video demo of how to use the dustin-mizer, (on potato plants). It was helpful/informative.

  4. Jacque says:

    This stuff is really good. We are organic people and have a bad case of tics, spiders and sorts of crawling bugs that get into our home. we put this stuff around the outside of the house and inside the door frames and it works. This is the first time we have not had an invasion of bugs in the house during the winter days. Safe for our animals including th e peacocks who eat every thing!!

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