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Earthway Garden Seeder 1001B Manual

The Earthway 1001B Garden Seeder is an excellent seed planter for both big and small gardens. It has the most options available of any garden seeder.

Click on this link if you would to view the complete garden seeder manual earthway1001b_manual.pdf


manual for the earthway 1001b garden seeder


7 Responses to “Earthway Garden Seeder 1001B Manual”

  1. Tim Hooper says:

    I am looking for the blank seed plate offered by Earthway for the 1001-B garden planter that allows you to create your own seeding plate.
    Do you have these in stock.
    Earthway part #18109 Blank Plate.

  2. Joe Stutzman says:

    Tim we do have that plate available for the Earthway Garden Seeder. Please give us a call at 260-589-3384 or send an email to info@gardenharvestsupply.com

  3. Gwen M. Constance says:

    I would like to say one great thing about this seeder. I bought one of these 30 years ago and have planted a garden with it every year both spring and winter. I might add they were fairly large gardens. Well this was in my garden shed and went through 2 hurricans where it was flooded with salt water and tossed around. We just took it apart and cleaned it and low and behold it still works. However I do have one part I need and that is the sprocket. We broke it taking it apart. The number in the manuel is part #18. Do you have it and if so I do desperately need it. Also I will need a set of the standard seed plates as these floated somewhere to parts unknown. Could you please let me know the cost and I will order immediately.
    Gwen C.

  4. cathy Monroe says:

    I need the front wheel to this seeder do you have that in stock and how much is it Thank You

  5. jstutzman says:

    Cathy I will have the girls email you the info you are requesting on the Earthway garden seeder.

  6. Rev. Roy J. Kelsey says:

    Dear Earthway,

    I have an Earthway 1001 Seeder, and I broke the #19 drive sprocket on the parts list. I need that part. I do not know what the name of the part is. The print is too small to read it, but I I know I need #19 part to drive my seed plate.

    Can you email back with the price and what ever other information I need, and I will give you a credit card number, if that is OK.

    Rev. Roy J.Kelsey

  7. jstutzman says:

    You will have to call the Earthway plant at 800-294-0671. Please let us know if they are not able to handle your request.

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