Can I plant asparagus now?

Hello, I am an amateur gardener. I would like to try growing asparagus. I live in San Jose CA where it gets very warm. Can I plant asparagus now? Can it grow in partial sun/shade? What variety would be best. Thanks!

Answer: Hello, Sunny California!

I’m posting a response that should apply to your entire state, because the growing regions there vary, and readers from San Joaquin to San Francisco have different needs.

Asparagus plants do best in full sun, requiring 8 hours a day. Jersey Knight is a long-term perennial crop that does especially well in warm climates.


North Coast (Monterey County-north): January through March

South Coast (San Luis Obispo County-south): January through April

Imperial and Coachella Valleys: October through March

San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys: January through March

Asparagus should be fertilized and irrigated mostly during the fern season, when the plant is manufacturing food that will be stored by the roots for the next year’s shoots. However, supplemental irrigation during the harvest season may be necessary for sandy soils in dry areas.

Diseases and pests to watch out for: Fusarium, rust, asparagus aphids and beetles, cicadas and garden centipedes. Plant varieties with a high degree of tolerance to the Fusarium disease. Jersey Male Hybrid varieties are ideal for their resistance to these diseases, and GHS offers three varieties. Read their descriptions to see which is the best fit for your garden.

Good luck as you start this venture. The payoff is delicious!


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