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A wonderful supplier to deal with!

Several years ago, I was fortunate to find Garden Harvest Supply’s website. I immediately ordered tomatoes and eggplants. Following, after placing my order, I had several emails back and forth to establish the delivery date. The company shipped to me earlier than they normally do to the Georgia area. The vegetable plants arrived as promised and were wonderful producers for us! I ordered again this year, and like before, the plants arrived exactly as promised. Two of my 14 plants were not as strong as the others. I notified GHS and without a second’s delay, the answer was, we will replace or refund. I of course asked for replacements. This is a wonderful supplier to deal with! Lorie H.

3 Responses to “A wonderful supplier to deal with!”

  1. jstutzman says:

    Lorie thanks so much for your business and your kind words, they are sincerely appreciated. Happy gardening. GHS

  2. Lorie Holmes says:

    By chance, are you related to the Stutzman family in Iowa City, Iowa? My plants arrived today, Thank you so much! Lorie

  3. jstutzman says:

    Glad to hear the plants arrived, you are welcome. We are not related to Stutzman family out your way. I hope they are nice people. GHS

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