The Ultimate Dining Guide for Hummingbirds

The ultimate dining experience for hummers is a well-stocked hummingbird garden. Sure, they will flock to your feeders if that is their only option, and in the earliest days of spring or the dog days of summer, your feeders may be absolutely necessary for their survival. However, nothing….

Growing the Best Tomatoes

So, you’ve planted your tomatoes, you’ve been watering them religiously and hopefully you’ve left plenty of room for big growth, because with these growing tips, these tomato plants won’t stay little for long.

We’ve Taken the Safe Seed Pledge

GHS has taken the Safe Seed Pledge! We believe growing and nurturing plants should start with the best seeds possible, that’s why we offer only non-GMO, certified organic vegetable …..

How To Plant Bare-root Strawberry Plants

This short video shows how easy it is to plant bare-root strawberry plants, which are shipped each spring. Just remember to keep the soil moist around the strawberry plants the ……..

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