Host a Welcome Home Party for the Monarch Butterfly!

The story of the Monarch Butterfly, unfortunately, is turning out to be a sad one. Due to habitat loss and the widespread use of insecticides and herbicides, that orange and black butterfly that used to be literally everywhere, is now hard to find. Do you realize some children have never …..

7 Reasons Fall-Planted Strawberries Are Best

You will receive potted plants with well-established root systems You can harvest strawberries next spring and summer You will know your strawberries are chemical and pathogen-free ….

Herb Harvesting

When you think of herbs, you probably don’t consider harvest time, since most gardeners clip herbs throughout the growing season for culinary use. But as the end of the summer nears, and the first frost threatens to kill less hardy herbs …

Guide to Fall Vegetable Planting

We know you are gearing up to plant your fall veggies, so this newsletter consists of a step-by-step guide to fall vegetable planting. Though simple enough for a beginner, some veteran gardeners might also find things of value in it.

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