GHS Guide to Growing Fall Cover Crops in Your Home Garden

In this newsletter we’ll explain why growing cover crops is one of the best things you can do for your soil, and we’ll help you choose the best cover crop for you. After that you just have to follow the directions that come with……

Gazing Balls Help Your Garden Grow

Will Gazing Balls make my garden healthier? Yes, you bet! Here’s how it works: The very material that makes these particular gazing balls so indestructible, shiny and …..

Bulbs Looking Tired? We Can Fix That!

This past season you may have noticed that your tulips, allium, callas or other bulb plants bloomed a little less than usual. In fact, this may have been happening slowly over the past few seasons, the bulbs underground continually multiplying and becoming over-crowded, with the………

What Vegetables To Plant In The Fall

By taking advantage of our charts and other online resources, it’s easy to plan a fall vegetable garden with as much precision as the pros. Just take out—or pull up—your calendar…

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