How to Harvest and Store Potatoes

You can tell potatoes are ready to harvest when their vines have died back. This can occur with a frost or simply when they have reached full maturity. Some folks believe that cutting the dead vines off and leaving them in the ground for a couple of weeks helps….

Vegetable Planting Guides for all 50 States

Depending on where you live, vegetables can be grown at different times. Some areas of the country only have one season, while others have multiple seasons. We have vegetable planting guides listed for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

What Vegetables To Plant In The Fall

By taking advantage of our charts and other online resources, it’s easy to plan a fall vegetable garden with as much precision as the pros. We break down the different vegetables as hardy, semi-hardy, or tender, and state the growing time and ideal soil pH for each one.

How to Fertilize Pepper Plants

If you are serious about the quality of your garden’s produce, you know that fertilizing properly is paramount to your success. Pepper plants, in particular, will respond well to a little extra attention at the different stages of their growth. First you will want to …

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